We create virtual tours of your facility for training, planning, and knowledge sharing.


Industrial Focus, Industrial Solutions

We focus on bringing shareable 3D & 360 to large organizations that are putting extra effort in how they communicate with their employees, community, and other stakeholders.

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Easy to use & Share

Less complicated than LIDAR or 3D modeling software, our virtual facilities are for everyone, from workers to upper management.

  • Facility Sheet Navigation
    Intuitively move through your facility using your own P&IDs, plots, or isometrics.
Clickable Process Information Elements
Find areas with important information by locating the circle links located throughout your virtual facility.

Your Facility — anywhere

TotalView puts you on the diamond plate, on the production floor, and on your catwalks from anywhere in the world.

  • Remote Locations
    Planners, engineers, and operators will be able 
    to travel to remote facilities without the airfare.
  • Take It To The Office
    You can convey critical information to others in a 
    no-noise environment that facilitates two-way dialogue.

How Does it Work?

We execute each project with you and your facility in mind. And we know you want things to be as simple as possible.

Work Plan
We meet with you to learn what your facility needs, to coordinate a plan, and to set clear expectations.
We collect photos of the facility, compile those photos to create a digital version of your facility, and attach clickable icons as necessary.
Product Review
You review the final product to ensure you are receiving the level of quality you expected.
We download your virtual facility and give you 100% ownership of the product.