"You know a good idea when you see it. But an idea isn’t just something one person can claim. It takes refinement from others who are passionate and oriented towards the same goal. In my case, this was easy.

I am constantly surrounded by industry veterans and thought leaders. TotalView was conceived and refined to completely redefine how we perform work in facilities, plants, and factories.

Technology isn’t new, and industrial processes are certainly not new, but the way we are thoughtfully bringing the two together is groundbreaking. Imagine being able to access all information about plant equipment and units (whether blueprints, schematics, procedures, etc.) and then place them in a high definition virtual version of your facility or work area, that can then be securely accessed by your company from anywhere in the world. You’ve just imagined what we created. Now let’s figure out together how to implement it in your facility to bring about a new era of innovation, safety, and efficiency." – Arthur Jensen, CEO & Founder