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We understand the importance of minimizing downtime in your daily operations. Our support services are backed by a dedicated team of professionals who are ready to address any question or issue related to your virtual facility.
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Is your product accurate enough to provide measurements in the scene similar to LiDAR scans or engineered CAD drawings?

Our product is used primarily for communication and visual orientation, meaning that while it is possible for us to include measurements in it based off of other data, it does not scan with enough precision to be able to produce accurate measurements from the photosphere itself. We have the capability, though, to connect you with a sister company of ours that does provide this service if desired.
How much time does it take to shoot the photos or deliver the VR Build?
This depends on a number of different factors:

-Is your facility a classified area (combustible atmosphere)?
-Are permits required to enter the operating area?
-Will you need photospheres of tanks, vessels, or other confined spaces?
-Will our technicians be shooting on scaffolds or at heights?

All of these factors determine how long it will take to perform a VR mapping of your facility. However, our team can typically get anywhere from 50-100 photospheres per day done on simpler layouts or when full access/ permission is provided from clients.
How long until the VR Build is ready to use?
We process all virtual reality (VR) images at the end of every work day, meaning you start getting a basic version of your product for immediate use the very next day. More complicated builds where the client wants to include plant information or training elements may require a little extra time to coordinate with facility staff and get everything right, though. But we will always be happy to demonstrate our progress in real time so you know you are getting the most valuable product for your facility.
What is the price for your product?
Unlike LiDAR or other 360° VR solutions, our team of industry experts understands what is valuable to your workforce and what isn't, enabling us to not waste any time or effort.

Our services are typically comparable to any professional commercial or wedding photographer.
Can we edit the product or add in information to it ourselves?

You know your facility better than anyone, and we understand that you want control over your product. We can release control to a Single Point of Contact at your facility to continue adding in information and other elements, if desired.

Or, if you do not have the resources to handle edits in-house, our team can continue working with you to make future changes you may need.